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02 Sep

This allows you to make friendship with real people with the help of Moco.Read More I’m not a shy person, but I’ve always been a bit doubtful in my abilities.During the Summer Immersion Program, we had to code an mp3 player.Read More Lots of people assume that I’m one-dimensional and don’t have many other interests aside from coding.Or they think I’m “not as girly” as other girls my age.

Excuse you, but I am perfectly capable of typing an HTML tag while my brows are on point.Read More I am a member of my school’s business club – in fact, i’m the only girl – and we had an assignment to pitch different ideas for business.Read More Meet Margo Hayes, a Girls Who Code alumni and a professional rock climber who is taking bravery and problem solving to new heights.She started rock climbing at the age of 10 and loves the physical and mental challenge that comes with it.