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03 Sep

(Anthony declined to name any of the actresses Bledel beat out for the role.) And the magnificently strange hodgepodge of eccentrics that surrounded them—their high-society relatives, their nosy neighbors, and everyone else—only made their world more appealing.“And she also just had a unique vibe that made her stand out.”One would think that the team may have run into a similar challenge with Lorelai’s grumpiest coworker, whom Sherman-Palladino envisioned from the beginning as being black and French.And indeed, Anthony recalled auditioning countless men who tried to put on a French accent.But that doesn't mean the actor doesn't love working with Moore. "Mandy is one of the kindest, most amazing performers and women I've met in my life," he said. She is amazing."What's also pretty amazing is Ventimiglia's love advice, which sounds pretty straightforward.

In casting the elder of the two Lorelais (Rory’s real name is also Lorelai), Anthony said she and Mossberg “were looking for [someone] really smart, witty—someone who was able to do that rat-a-tat kind of banter with her daughter.”That turned out to be a difficult ask—especially because the thirtysomething actresses they were after didn’t really want to play the mother of a teenager.

Luckily, there was Graham—whom both Anthony and Mossberg were convinced was just right for the part.

Now, though, Bledel’s illness was threatening her performance—enough to potentially cost her the part.“Luckily, we had videotaped one of her early auditions,” Anthony, who cast the show’s pilot with Julie Mossberg, told fans know, the rest is history.

Bledel and Lauren Graham spent seven seasons embodying the sort of mother-daughter relationship on-screen that had never really been seen before: a bond so tight that it bordered on sisterly.

And sure enough, he nailed it.“We didn’t say anything to him,” Casey recalled.

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