Am i dating a selfish person greco les paul dating

13 May

Selfish lovers often suffer from feeling inadequate.

When selfish lovers give up a little love, they start to worry that the little that they are connected with will all be gone.

This is because selfish lovers are often not self connected and even when they are deeply intelligent, the one faculty that has remained undeveloped is the faculty of being self-connected.

With this strong feeling of having to cover up all the time, they hold onto their love very tightly because giving it up makes them feel as though they are sliding on ice.

Also, for selfish lovers, love feels like a scarce resource.

Their feelings of inadequacy run so deep that they end up feeing very ashamed.To cover up this shame, they are internally “still” and this “stillness” drives the giver in the relationship to want to keep on giving as a form of resuscitation since the taker often feels dead.Don’t let your anger get the better of you, but don’t also pretend not to ever be angry or sad.Find the right balance for you; (5) Also, when you talk to them, help them find things in their lives that will help them feel more self-connected. If all else fails, leaving is always an option, but with your addiction to selfish lovers, you are likely to find another one, or turn them into one.I have been patient in a relationship for 4 years only to see the boyfriend rejects me when he is with his former kids and ex partner. Ok, i have bent over backwards, given him support, hope, space and affection and neglected my own emotional needs. It seems you are just what this article says you are. The way he treats you is a reflection of how he feels about himself.

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