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27 Jul

I remember being on the set of my film Stick It years ago, and Jeff Bridges told me, “You have to create a life outside of the industry versus creating your life in the industry.” The industry's always changing, so if you can find happiness outside of it, then you have a foundation, an anchor, and a reality when times are slow or super hectic—and you're gonna function just fine. I've gone through years where I did four movies and a show, but then in this last year I've only done one movie.

It's such a fan-favorite kind of franchise—it's unlike anything else, really. It hadn’t really hit me yet just how big the Twilight books were and how big these movies were gonna be. Then when the first movie came out, to see all the fans camping out for days just to see it, it was like, “What the heck am I a part of? Do you keep in touch with any of your Twilight co-stars? Ashley [Greene]’s engaged—I probably see her the most.

So you don't have anyone who could really be like, “Yo dude, really enjoy these five movies. Just soak it all in.” I think all of us were so wide-eyed. We're all in different stages of life and adulthood, and if you have a significant other, usually they’re your best friend.

I'm really proud of it.” You filmed The Osiris Child in Australia. I had no perception of what Coober Pedy was—I had never even heard of it.

I was fascinated by the beauty of the desert out there, and we saw all the opal fields and the mining.

We were like, “Oh yeah, this is something.” But I didn't capture it enough. Do you remember the first time that you realized how big of a deal Twilight was and that you were famous? We were shooting at this random location in Portland, I think it was, and we had fans on the set. Back then, some of us were fresh out of high school. We were in our young twenties and late teens, and so we didn't have as much life experience. Ashley has game nights, but she lives 20 miles away in the Hills.

One of them even brought a baby, and it was freezing. But now, 10 years have passed, and you just grow up. So even just getting over there really has to be intentional.

VIDEO: Robert Pattinson was Almost Fired from Your character, Sy, escaped from prison.