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20 Aug

Azoff’s entry into the world of comedy is “absolutely good for the business,” says veteran comedy manager and partner at Levity Entertainment Group Judi Brown-Marmel.

There was just one problem: Azoff didn’t know about it."Chelsea Handler one day decided I was her manager, and I was only too thrilled to accept the assignment,” says the chairman/CEO of Azoff MSG Entertainment, 66.

"She sent an email to her business manager, lawyer and agents saying, 'Please deal with Irving from now on.’ Shortly thereafter a press release showed up where she'd written my quotes."Exclusive Photos: Billboard's Comedy Issue | Outtakes Handler, who was without a manager at the time, says Azoff already had been “acting as a manager by proxy” — “he had some good, sagacious advice for me time and time again" — so it was simply a matter of making it official.

Azoff declined to get into specifics, but says the paycheck is not Handler’s primary motivation at this point. “But this woman never makes a decision just based on money.

She never does anything that doesn’t feel right for her creatively.”Azoff says he has gotten a “good education” in the comedy business from Live Nation’s Wills. “A lot of what we’ve done for Chelsea, with her touring and her book promotion, were just tricks we learned in the rock’n’roll touring business.

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"We bonded and joined forces and now we’re the dynamic duo."The initial fruit of the partnership came in January, when Handler, 39, announced her first tour in four years — more than 30 dates in theaters and arenas to coincide with her fourth book (and fourth New York Times No. Two months later came a potentially even bigger development: After seven years of Chelsea Lately, Handler will be leaving the E!

Network when her contract expires at the end of the year.

“I’m listening to a bunch of different offers right now and trying to figure out which direction I want to go in,” says Handler.

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