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01 May

He said: 'The prosecution has failed to prove that the disputed ship was engaged in any of the activities prejudiced to peace, good order or security of the state.'Officials found 35 guns, including semi-automatic weapons, and almost 6,000 rounds of ammunition on board the anti-piracy ship MV Seaman Guard Ohio when the men were arrested in October 2013.He and five other British men had been guards on a ship to combat piracy in the Indian Ocean but were jailed in October 2013 after being charged with carrying unlicensed firearms and ammunition.After years of campaigning, they won an appeal against their convictions last week and were allowed to leave India.The men, known as the 'Chennai Six', beamed as they walked out of Puzhal Central Prison in the city of Chennai with British consular officials.The other 17 foreign men, who were also arrested in October 2013 accused of importing guns to terrorists, were freed an hour later.

On November 27, the High Court acquitted the crew from the MV Seaman Guard Ohio ship after a judge ruled the prosecution did not prove their case.The men, who had served in Iraq and Afghanistan, were arrested while working as anti-piracy guards on the ship in the Indian Ocean.Mr Irving said: 'I'd just like to give a massive thank you to everyone who supported all of the Chennai Six, all of the 35 men throughout.'I just want to thank everyone, they've been so kind. It feels excellent to be home.'Two pipers played outside the terminal to welcome the 37-year-old, who had cut his hair and beard since the most recent pictures of him in India last week.The other five men - Nick Dunn, John Armstrong, Nicholas Simpson, Ray Tindall and Paul Towers - are expected to arrive in the UK on Thursday.A person who works in this field is called a prostitute, and is a type of sex worker.Prostitution is one branch of the sex industry, along with pornography, stripping, and erotic dancing.

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