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02 Jun

Then we repaired to my grandfather's house and began sorting the material remnants of the old man's life.

The focus of punishment is past misdeeds while the focus of discipline is future correct deeds.

Punishment is done with an attitude of hostility and frustration on the part of the parent while discipline is done with an attitude of love and concern on the part of the parent.

"So that you never have to feel this way, too," he said, "I want to tell you now how proud I am of you, of the choices you've made, of the life you've created." Much of the pain inherent in father-son relationships dissolved for me when I received that blessing.

And in the months that followed, I felt stronger, more confident, especially as I started my career again.

And until parents understand the biblical basis and experience the positive results of discipline, spanking can sound wrong.Before rejecting and banning spanking as a form of discipline in your home, please read on… And I never saw it as “abuse” as many people today might call it.But the difference between her own father’s style and hers is that she and her husband have a positive relationship with their daughter.It is comforting to know that God himself disciplines us in the context of love, too.

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