Dara and jiyong dating

23 Jan

TOP even asserts that he even closer to Kiko better than GD.

Jeongguk was a kid of many talents, one being his genius genes.

Graduating as veledictorian at the top of his sophomore and senior class was supposed to be fun.

But, he hardly thinks so when his life starts to take a turn after getting thrown in the back of a old beat up van.***always under constant editing :x It takes a massive blowup with ripples of repercussions for Changmin to finally gain a clear understanding of exactly how much his husband loves him.

A man of grand gestures is at odds with a man more comfortable with showing his love in small ways, but surely both are intelligent enough to realize that they will need to meet each other half way.

In 2010 she tweeted a picture of Dara and CL and entitled it DARIN, maybe it’s the abbreviation of DAra and chae RIN (CL).