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25 Jun

It doesn’t involve clothes, confidence, fancy cars, or complicated words. Trust the French to come up with the connection between fragrances and attraction.Using their highly developed vomeronasal, or Jacobson’s, organ, which lies between the nose and mouth, animals can also smell when members of the opposite sex are angry, excited or amorous — and in the mood for love.That’s because animals are believed to release pheromones, or odorless chemicals, into the air conveying multiple pieces of information about their mood, fitness and status, to others within reach. After all, women of child-bearing age rated a pleasing aroma at the top of their romantic wish list. Herz, ladies ranked a “man’s smell” to be more important than “looks,” “voice” or even “how his skin feels.” For you discouraged guys who think women are only attracted to flashy cars and high-powered careers, here’s some more good news: the study indicated a man’s scent was even more important to a woman than “money” or “ambition.” In contrast, the results also revealed that guys judged “how a woman looks” along with a “pleasant” personality as their top criteria for choosing a mate. It’s one of our most popular romantic fantasies, idealized in movies, books and music. Scientists have been researching this phenomenon for decades and are discovering that when it comes to finding that special someone, your nose, not your eyes, may be your most powerful guide.According to the folks in white coats, the clues to true love may be lurking as close as your laundry basket — specifically in your sweaty T-shirts, guys.

Coffee shops, pastry shops and bakeries had an especially good aroma.

Other stores had no distinguishing smell – music stores, clothing stores, banks, travel agents, etc.

"You can't control what you like the taste or smell of, you have to trust your sensory system."For now, Smell Dating is limited to 100 people (35 have signed up so far), and is only available in New York City.

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