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31 May

Jason, a 38-year-old rodeo clown, made the shocking remarks Monday on the Internet live feed of the CBS reality show, according to a report by TMZ.She is one of the ones who surprised me the most that she would have a go,” he confessed.Unwilling to pick favourites at this stage in the game, Phillip’s presenting partner Holly Willoughby added: “They are all brave.”When asked if they were envious of the various celebrities taking part on the show however, Phillip was surprisingly open.' Dent is a rodeo clown from Humeston, Iowa who performs under the name Whistle-Nut with his bull Ole.He learned earlier this month on the show that his wife Holly was pregnant with their second child.

“I am envious when they are really good,” he said frankly.

“But I am not envious of the hours and hours they put into it, falling over.

Dent was talking to fellow housemate Alex Ow, 28, about the consequences of Kevin Schlehuber, 55, breaking their game alliance.'I'm gonna f*** your wife when I get out of here,' Dent said referencing Schlehuber's spouse as he burst into laughter.'And I'm going to tie all your daughters up and make them f***ing watch,' he added as Ow laughed along.

Paul Abrahamian, 24, looked shocked as he buried his head in his hands and said, 'Oh, my god'.

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