Dating your friend sister

10 Sep

Your dating pool is smaller than the hetero dating pool, you might find potential partners who are more interested in experimenting than dating, and your campus’s LGBTQ clubs and events might not be your scene.

If you have any doubts about how your sisters might take your relationship, just ask.

Unfortunately, there will be no one-size-fits-all answer waiting for you and your girlfriend.

Not sharing a room might not be the only step an intra-sorority couple should take to ensure the best chances at relationship success.

They might want to pass on living in the sorority house together, too.

Emily, a junior Delta Gamma at Northwestern University, has a running joke with her sisters that she wants to be the first DG to marry another DG—and have an anchor-themed wedding, a shout-out to their sorority’s symbol.But when asked if she’d actually ever date her own sister, Emily had four words: “no way in hell.” “I recently just broke up with someone who was in a different sorority,” she says.“My rule of thumb would be if there's a situation where it would annoy you if someone brought their boyfriend, or [it would be] inappropriate for [a] sister to exhibit PDA to her boyfriend, it's probably best to slip into your sisterhood role and save the couple-ness for later,” says Emily.Speaking of sorority traditions to leave your relationship out of? In some sororities, it might be against the rules—or at least heavily suggested against, according to Jordan, who serves as Vice President of Housing for a sorority at Washington and Lee University.and that makes it a really easy place to make those kind of connections you can see being a potentially be a great relationship.” But going into sorority life with the attitude that you’re going to seek out potential girlfriends will likely end in more complications than you bargained for.If you happen to stumble across romance in your own sorority, don’t be afraid to embrace it.