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22 Apr

He chuckled in a fatherly way and asked if our friend knew that I was doing this… Though he seemed okay with it, I realized not every man would be comfortable with the way I live.Forgive my prejudices when I say that I believe many men who choose the nomadic lifestyle (with the exception of men who are under 25, divorced, or jumped in with a wife or girlfriend) are either gay, confirmed bachelors, or eccentric loners. Though my online excursion was mostly experimental, I did connect with an interesting man named John* in Ohio (my most popular state).Since the main biological goal of men is to attract women, most wouldn’t choose this lifestyle if having one in their life for a permanent relationship were a priority. I have tried to guide fate’s hand my moving my online dating profile to parts of the country that I’m interested in exploring. From what I could tell, we shared many of the same values and exciting, fulfilling and adventurous life, but most likely, alone.What I didn’t consider with this lifestyle was how potential suitors would perceive me.

Having said that, I do have four friends who have met their spouses this way, but there are also people who win the lottery.I sometimes wonder if becoming a gypsy is a way for me to prepare for a life alone…Since most people have a traditional home, I would most likely be expected to settle down if I meet someone worth while.However, I can’t alter my plans for someone who may not come into my life… God forbid someone comes into my life for the sole karmic purpose of bungling up my plans!I was even asked, in jest, if I had “Christened” my van yet.