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Taylor, Lillis and Le More (2005) believed that, “Religious organizations closed leading to a shortage of people to care for the sick.

Nursing during this era was mostly influenced by Christianity, with the beginning of deaconesses, or female servants caring for the sick.

These individuals would only care for the needs of the women in the early church, while deacons cared only for the men.

Pomeroy (1995) noted that during the classical times an older Athenian woman would seek work in her community out side the home in the form of basic care of a child, “A hymn to Demeter, probably composed in the seventh century B.

C., describes how a freely elderly woman may seek employment as a child nurse or a domestic” (p. In this period of time, from birth a girl was not expected to learn how to read or write, nor was she expected to earn an education.

Therefore, history has proven that from the time of womanhood regardless of social class, a woman worked primarily indoors or near the house. Their daily concerns revolved around the producing of clothing, nursing ill slaves and the caring for young children while preparing food for the family. Retrieved May 1, 2008, from of Ethics for Nursing Students. Retrieved April 30, 2008, from Ethics for Nursing First Registered Black Nurse: Mary Eliza Mahoney. This turned the healing idea away from the spiritual to physical causes. The stories of women in our culture resonate as a journey through time and trial for equality, individual freedom, and hope. It was during this time that women of ill repute were recruited into the nursing profession in lieu of serving jail sentences for their crimes” (p. Nursing’s origin can be seen as part of a time line that correlates to the issues currently plaguing in this century.In an article published in the Virginia University School of Nursing, Keeling (2007) stated that “…nursing’s origins are found in the woman’s role of caring for the sick.

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