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16 Jun

An official deemed it "unsuitable for publication" because he disagreed with it theologically.

6 February 2018 Sufi Muslim Rashad Abidov was fined in Sheki for hosting a religious meeting raided by police, but managed to overturn the fine on appeal. 1 February 2018 An imam admitted to Forum 18 he had, accompanied by a "mob" of young men and officials, blocked a Christian's burial in the state-owned cemetery in Barskoon in Issyk-Kul Region.

Police raided Star in the East Pentecostal Church in Gyanja during Sunday worship. He then denied all responsibility and tried to blame everything on villagers.

12 January 2018 Three of six Muslims arrested in October 2017 have had pre-trial detention extended for two more months.

All six face up to two years' imprisonment if convicted of involvement in missionary movement Tabligh Jamaat.

However, once she becomes caregiver to Gracie, she gains wisdom to persevere.

Nerdy roommates and their socially inept friends apply the scientific method to their shared inability to attract women.

Baptists think this happened because nothing was done to punish the perpetrators of previous threats and attacks.

Police claim to be trying to solve the crime, but are also investigating the victims.

At first I have checked count(*) and num_rows from one table. Hi TOMI have a requirement of masking sensitive data as we have to refresh production data to development environment.

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