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27 Apr

I know what happens when people tend to get cut in the neck.' Mr Gillespie had earlier told jurors: 'The defendant launched a cowardly and vicious attack on Mr Manderson, approaching him at speed through the crowds in the club and striking him in the face and neck with the bottle.'The force of the blow knocked him backwards and Mr Manderson realised that he had been stabbed and ran out of the club bleeding.'The blow caused a large V-shaped wound that bled profusely.' London Metropolitan University student Jones said he had heard of Hackney-born Professor Green, who sang with Lily Allen on his debut album 'Alive Till I'm Dead', but did not recognise him.Ever-savvy Team Green is, in turn, using the campaign as launch-pad marketing for the fourth single from his second album.The Puma people have hired him to front an advertising push under the slogan "The After Hours Athlete". If you wear a suit all the time it's not really an event."And the worst thing was, I was supportive of her and her family. I was supportive of her and her kids through [the period] when he passed away."So, onwards with clenched jaw but bouncy gait it is.The video for Green's new single "Remedy" is hoovering up online views, courtesy, in part, of the guest appearance of BBC Breakfast presenter Bill Turnbull, an avowed fan of the platinum-selling British artist.

Not that I'd ever make one of them."The Prof, born Stephen Manderson to teenage parents who split shortly after his birth, directed the song at his father's partner at the time of his death: absent for much of his son's life, Peter Manderson killed himself in 2008.His new wife had publicly claimed that the then up-and-coming young musician had exploited his father's death to ratchet up publicity – an accusation that sickened Green."We don't have any relationship," he says of his father's widow.