Reactance theory boy dating girl

20 Jun

Self-objectification functions as both a trait and a state.

That is, some people are simply more likely to define themselves in ways that highlight a third person’s, or observer’s view, of their bodies. Studies show that, in general, women score higher than men in trait self-objectification.

Situations can also call attention to the body as observed by others, and this is when self-objectification is a state.

Simone de Beauvoir argued that when a girl becomes a woman, she becomes doubled; so instead of existing only within herself, she also exists outside herself.

The art historian John Berger showed that women become their own first surveyors as a way of anticipating their treatment in the world.

Physical attractiveness also correlates more highly with popularity, dating experience, and even marriage opportunities for girls and women than for men.It is as if physical beauty translates to power for girls and women.The Self-Consciousness Scale was designed to tap the same psychological state as was produced by self-awareness manipulations.Providing for the existence of behavioral goals and standards and their activation in a given situation constitutes the first step in a model of self-regulation.The chapter outlines some of the past studies that substantiate different aspects of these theories.Some portions of relatively recent work to which the theory had led are described in the chapter.There are two prominent approaches for self-regulatory phenomena.They are the self-efficacy theory and attributional versions of helplessness theory.

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