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28 Aug

Jury research is similar to the test marketing of products that companies conduct before they introduce them commercially.

In most jury research, these characteristics segment according to the following criteria: demographics, personality, attitudes, beliefs and life experience.

Choosing research jurors on the basis of these individual characteristics is known as "stratified" sampling.

Online jury research, known as "virtual jury research", features the same type of empirically valid research data concerning juror decision-making that conventional jury research provides.

One of the first people to develop this technology were trial consultants Adrienne Le Fevre and Teresa Rosado.

Jury research is useful not only for trials but also for litigation disputes of all types, including those with outcomes that will be determined through ADR (alternative dispute resolution methodologies such as arbitration, mediation, or negotiations).

Virtual jury research is based on the concept of synchronous conferencing, also known as computer-mediated communication.

As a result, online studies can be organized, conducted, concluded, and evaluated within a few hours.

This quick turnaround can be invaluable for attorneys who must quickly strategize regarding sudden new cases that must quickly go to trial.

They formed Online and have since become nationally known for their technology and advances in online research.