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17 Aug

According to a recent study from, older singles report feeling the greatest level of happiness combined with the least amount of stress over their relationship status.Al adds that their focus on affection has really become a shared value in this budding relationship. “So I cut any generic mentions of long walks on the beach and instead focused on more intellectual matters [in my profile].The quality of my interactions has gone up since I clarified what I like best.” 3. “I don’t want to be tied to the hip with a spouse anymore,” says Washington native Marie, 61. I want a man, but I also want time alone to explore, see friends on my own, and, frankly, spend time with my own thoughts.In their recent findings presented at the Gerontological Society of America’s international conference, Bowling Green State University gerontologists Wendy K. Stelle believe that the senior population appears to be more focused on honest self-representation and being compatible with their dates rather than discussing issues that might be attractive to younger daters, such as sexual prowess and nightlife.Watson and Charlie Stelle noted that older adults appear to market themselves differently using online dating sites than younger adults do — and that’s a trend worth fostering. They found traditional online coding terms used to describe younger generations seem to “miss some key elements relevant for ads placed by older adults.” As Dr.

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