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25 May

I hope he understands that I was at 85,000 people and was removing people like crazy and hardly thinking and now am down to 73,000 and not to take it personally.

Hey everybody, I just thought that before the community was shut down I would say a small something and voice my appreciation.

I never felt deserving of being a Google TV Ambassador (when that was a thing, and thank you Kevin for inviting me), hopefully I wasn't too disappointing - I know I wasn't disappointed.

I pinned a post for current members with the news and thanked the founding people as well as everyone there in case you are still a member and want to read the post and the community is public so you can read it but just can't join it anymore.

Also I am clearing the list of invites that was sent out to everyone as well as unbanning all banned people on the list as well to give the community a clean slate as I do not want the data destroyed since over 85,000 users made it what it is until most of them moved on to the newer Android TV. Due to spammers I am now having to hold everyone's post for review before I approve their posts -This after one piece of spam could not be removed from the community even though the spammer was banned it was still showing up.

We are closed and we do not have over 3,000 members like the stats are showing for those people now wanting to join or using bots to join communities with large numbers of people.

For some reason the stats show us as having 3,011 members still and seems to slowly be catching up with the real number of people still here which is actually only 8 members still and all of them are moderators.

He has kept up with me and my family, and is a great person all around; not that others aren't, I just wanted to show him some extra gratitude.

Oh man, now I've got that sad feeling in my stomach, like when a friend is moving away...

Since it has been dying out already and very few real people actually come here anymore so unless you are a member now you are no longer being able to become a member from now on.

Those folks that are still members feel free to say your goodbyes or reminisce about the good old days if you were here from day one.

Meeting the other "regular" people involved (online and/or in-person), meeting some Googlers, and getting to see a product lifecycle was all very exciting and educational for me.

I got interested in smart tvs after seeing an Ubuntu TV demo.

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