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Two weeks ago, the Tribune ran a story about the missing-girlfriend mystery, explaining why the “Million Dollar Quartet” show features a fictitious Elvis girlfriend, “Dyanne.” “Given that lawyers govern everything these days, they said, if you don’t know where [Evans] is, [then] we had to create a fictitious character,” Escott said at the time.It read: “Can I have a date with you tomorrow night or before I leave? “He called backstage that night, set a time,” she remembered. 4, 1956, the couple, along with some of Elvis’ friends, cruised around Memphis, as usual.And so, for the next couple of weeks she and Elvis explored Las Vegas, driving around, hanging out and walking through the casinos. But on this day Elvis stopped at Sun, where he had made his first record only three years prior. Back in 1956 the “Million Dollar Quartet”had a session in Sun Studios that is now the stuff of legends. 4, 1956, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins and Johnny Cash played together for the only time in their lives during an impromptu jam session at Sun Studios in Memphis. As the personalities jockeyed for position, Sun founder (and ever the promoter) Sam Phillips scurried across the street to snag a photographer from the Memphis Press-Scimitar to document the two-hour session.Seated for the famous picture was a woman that no one could identify. But before we get to the woman, and her story, I think everyone should know about the famous quartet session. Acclaimed music historian Colin Escott wrote the book Good Rockin’ Tonight: Sun Records and the Birth of Rock ‘n’ Roll,”and also co-authored the script to “Million Dollar Quartet” along with Floyd Mutrux, who wrote and directed the rock film “American Hot Wax.”“Jerry Lee’s first record had been out for two days,” Escott said from his home in Nashville. Elvis was back in town for Christmas and dropped by unannounced — as he often did.” (Presley was already a star having left Sun for RCA Records.

She also continues to dance–thanks to the fitness of a 40-year-old– and she runs her own belly dancing troupe.

“It’s pretty much the opposite of all my training, but I love it,” she said.