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12 Apr

If you’re the latter, however, then here’s a list that’ll add to those chills and thrills. Assembled before you is a nightmarish list of hip-hop songs that could make Michael Myers choke on candy corn and even give Freddy Krueger nightmares.Not for the faint of heart, give this compilation a listen at your own behest and transport yourself to the troubled mind of Christopher Wallace or feel the full-frontal assault of Death Grips’ otherworldly instrumentals. Getting pumped up for a sporting event, however, involves an entirely different kind of energy. You gotta get your game face on because you’re not looking to impress, your goal is intimidation and victory. Here is a list of songs to hurtle you toward that fearsome intensity that you’ll be needing to cheer your team on to victory!The other team needs to know you are serious about winning. In order to properly prepare for something as important as the Super Bowl, you need to get a little crazy.

The NCAA tweaked the obstruction rule this season in hopes of gaining clarity for umpires and teams."In the act of catching" is now reduced to "in possession of the ball." " class="ng-star-inserted"Last season, controversial obstruction calls were the topic of the WCWS and postseason play.Rather than throwing all of the creepiest songs in one cauldron and hoping for magic, we opted to focus on individual genres.Given that we already collected our scariest pop, rock, and love songs, it made sense to chill our spines with a new beat.Precious Star Birdsong has one of the most unique names in college softball — and perhaps anywhere else.

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