Updating my maintenance strategy continually

09 Jun

One key to great content is budgeting enough time for writing and research. Once you get into the habit of maintaining your content the amount of work will decrease, but be patient as you mold your website into an SEO powerhouse and an enjoyable experience.While an updated ‘What’s New SAP HANA Platform Release Notes’ document and an overall release SAP Note (2298750 for SPS12) are put out with each SPS, they do not go into the granular elements of those changes which go on behind the scenes, but offer huge benefits to the HANA system.To find out about these details, such as the improvements to heap memory optimisation, the delta merge algorithm, the execution plan and engine and many more; one needs to delve deep into one of the many SAP notes published with each revision.In an ideal world, SAP would compile and share the list of these types of improvements which would help convince clients and stakeholders alike that upgrading to the latest version comes with significant advantages.Until that day comes however, let’s take a look at some examples of these kind of improvements which have been made available with recent revisions: With bug fixes and performance improvements, such as those mentioned above, being regularly released to the public with newer revisions, our systems subsequently receive better overall stability and performance.

Content that’s most successful (read: visited most frequently) beyond the first weeks of publication can attribute its success both to the evergreen nature of the content and to the freshness of the topic in question.Your website is a living, breathing organism, and to get the most “organic” traffic to your website, you should perform constant maintenance to ensure your content is important and up-to-date.Obviously, as with all manner of things it’s going to be far less error prone if you follow the instructions ().There exists commands, graphic user interfaces and web interfaces to allow you to upgrade HANA via the method you feel most comfortable.