Updating songs to itunes plus

10 May

Rather than crisp, 256kbps DRM-free files, i Tunes delivered 128kbps protected-AAC tracks. Apple is supposed be done with digital rights management for music.

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But some users complained that their i Phone 7 will not sync with i Tunes for no reasons.

In this guide, we will troubleshoot this frustrating issue and get your device to sync with no hassle.

Download Any Trans Free Trial Now Any Trans also allows you to manage content on i Phone 7 in categories.

Here you can select a file type to manage and transfer music, videos, ringtones and more from i Phone 7 to i Tunes, to computer or to another i Device.

That i Tunes Match provides access to this older music, even if DRM-protected, is a benefit.

Thank you, Apple, for providing an affordable means for recovering lost or deleted music.