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04 Jun

I have researched various websites and forums for this kind of problem, to make a compilation of solutions.

The original j Player relied on Flash to play the actual audio while allowing the look and feel to be styled via 5 in modern browsers, we were inspired to break our Flash dependency and use native audio when it was supported.

The most significant issue is the cross-browser implementation, where lack of a common supported audio format among browsers causes complications.

These were either marked as solved by users or have been proposed as fixes on branded websites.

So I don’t take credit for these solutions, but for the hardwork to summarize them into one article. In 2017, you may find some relief that this problem has a more easy fix. Note: Sometimes the HDMI audio driver already present may work properly.

When we created j Player, an audio player plugin for j Query, we were attempting to address some of the limitations of the current crop of Flash-based audio players.

Many relied on Flash to implement the player's graphical interface, effectively isolating the player from the rest of the web design process.

To create our own controls, we can use the element.

The browser will try to load the first audio source, and if it fails or isn't supported, it will move on to the next audio source.

If developers want to take full advantage of all browsers that support 5 audio, they'll need to create both MP3 and Ogg versions of the audio file they want to stream!

If we intend to take advantage of each browser's audio capabilities, we need to create different solutions for different browsers.

Then you just have to select it and make it the default sound playing device.

For the last 6 months, there are a quite good number of solutions from Microsoft and other forums to this problem of .

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