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27 Dec

"Nick Saban told me when he first saw the Wildcat, he had two defenses for it and thought he had it defended but found out the only way to stop the Wildcat was multiple defenses. I think you have to have something out of the ordinary." Q: Couldn't an unusual defense open up opportunities for the rest of Auburn's offense? His offensive line has a lot of experience and seems to be able to handle a lot of different looks without being frustrated.

Newton had 70 rushing yards and 136 passing yards in that game. "I think you're going to see more along the lines of that.

I think you have to eat up space on Cameron right away and live with his other abilities.

"They are a significant challenge for anybody to play against because they not only have speed and a great veteran coach who knows the SEC in John Chavis, but they also have a shutdown corner (Patrick Peterson).

They're one of the few teams that can take away someone and allow you to overload other parts of the field.

"I think that's a dangerous business plan for the networks that are their partners.

I think (SEC Commissioner) Mike Slive should be calling (Big Ten Commissioner) Jim Delany right now and saying, 'How do you like it up there? Michigan State might go undefeated and might not make the title game.

With the Auburn-LSU showdown approaching and the SEC East a mess, CBS Sports analyst Gary Danielson discussed those topics today in an interview.

Q: When you look at LSU's defense, what do you see as its strengths in terms of trying to contain Cam Newton?

' Unless it's Ray Lewis, it ain't gonna do any good. Could Patrick Peterson do it in a uniquely-designed defense? I haven't talked to LSU, so I'm not breaking any trusts here.

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