Who is jon bon jovi dating

22 Mar

Listen to Jon belt out that “bed of nails” line in the chorus and you may be convinced “Bed of Roses” is his greatest vocal performance as well.

It’s not terribly hard to see why, with those massive choruses they slam into your head, even on quieter numbers.

Their gift for the hook has won them the attention of Max Martin, who co-wrote their comeback hit “It’s My Life” and gave it a club-shaking riff akin to Britney Spears’ “You Drive Me Crazy.”But the long-running Jerseyans’ classic sound has always split the difference between hair metal and the E Street Band, resulting in some of the steeliest heartland rock ever recorded, and plenty of camp, too (what, you didn’t know their 1984 debut had a song called “Shot Through the Heart” that’s completely different from “You Give Love a Bad Name” entirely? With arena monsters like this, their best anthems tend to be their biggest ones, so these 10 best Bon Jovi songs shouldn’t be terribly shocking for the most part.10.

He played the role of Helen Hunt’s ex-husband, Ricky Mc Kinney in the movie, Pay it Forward.

He also played a small role in many movies like Sex and the City, Ally Mc Beal, Cry Wolf, National Lampoon’s Pucked, Little City, Moonlight and Valentino etc.

BRANDI’S NIGHT OUT: Dining out, driving along Mulholland Drive and partying with many friends.

Bon Jovi is one of the most enduring bands of their era and one of the best-selling American rock bands of all-time.